Yet another food blog in Vietnam!

Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon

Hello world!

Many thanks for taking the time and clicking onto my small place in the blogosphere. As for my reasons for blogging about food in Vietnam when there are tons of blogs out there, it’s simple. I love to eat and share my experiences to the world. And hopefully, these posts will inspire people to get out there and eat!

As for myself, I am a photographer/writer based in Phnom Penh but will be relocating to Ho Chi Minh City at the end of July 2012. I co-founded a blog called Nyam Penh which has been running for the past 2 years. In that time, Bryse (Chuck D to my Flavor Flav) and I have eaten khmer, japanese, thai, indonesian, americana, belgian along with too many burgers to count and last year, our humble blog was named by Saveur as one of 55 global food blogs!

Now, I leave Bryse to run Nyam Penh while I start anew with Vietnomnom. Until I start up with the move, I have placed some previous Vietnam-related posts from Nyam Penh up for your reading pleasure. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you sooner than later!



One thought on “Yet another food blog in Vietnam!

  1. Looking forward to reading about more of your vietnam food experiences! I shall try the restaurants you have blogged about. 🙂

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