Nem Nuong Dalat


I am a huge fan of Nem Nuong. I’m a bigger fan when I find a new variation of it. This is how I arrived in a small alleyway in District 4 after finding out about a version that hails from Dalat! This place only sells one dish and it was very busy for lunchtime so I knew I had found the goods.

Nem Nuong Dalat

It took a few minutes for the nem to arrive but luckily, we were given the condiments ahead of time so we grazed on some pickled radishes and tried the dipping sauce that makes this so special. A tofu based sauce, it had a great peanutty taste and a bit of tumeric which gave it a velvety yellow color.


Mmmmm Nem…..

Once we got these, we dug in and had a feast! The garnish consisted of thai basil, mint, rau que, pickled radish and carrot, iceberg lettuce (apparently another Dalat affectation), cucumber, and prawn crackers. The rice wrappers were thicker than what I was used to but they worked out better as I was able to stuff more goodies inside!


We left the place completely stuffed. Not bad for a 40,000 Dong (less than $2.00 USD) meal.



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