Nom Nom Danang: Furama Resort

My wife and I headed up north to the booming resort town of Danang for the Tet holiday and had a blast there. The city decorated it’s bustling riverside with marble statues, flower gardens and a huge snake spitting out pearls.

However, when it came to Danang cuisine, we failed to find it. I dedicated a day to sample the 10 top dishes of the city as mentioned on this fantastic website but ran into problems with every restaurant being shut. Sitting dejected on our rented motorbike, I sat and pondered what to do.

Then it hit me, let’s go upscale!

I turned around my bike and we headed off to Furama Resort where we had a great meal that was surprisingly easy on the wallet.

Pina Colada at Furama

Pina Colada at Furama

The resort was busy with holiday makers and locals taking in the surf and sun. We managed to snag a poolside table which made a great backdrop for our meal. To our surprise, the prices weren’t extravagant. The menu was a mix of pan-Asian, Vietnamese and Western dishes and ranged from 200,000 Dong to 400,000 Dong.

Getting into resort mode, I ordered a pina colada while my wife ordered a glass of white wine. Both reasonably priced and got us in the mood for the meal. We started with the Kim Chi Ribs (170,000 Dong) as my wife has recently discovered her love for all things Kim Chi since having the Kim Chi mashed potatoes at Scott & Binh’s in Saigon.

Kim Chi Ribs

Kim Chi Ribs

The ribs had a great sesame taste to them and makes me suspect that they were marinated in a kalbi style sauce before being grilled.The ribs were placed on a mound of kim chi and some fresh mint. The ribs were tender and made for a great snack. A small complaint that I have with the dish was it was awkward to eat the ribs with my hands, then have to pick up my fork to get some kim chi action. That didn’t stop us from demolishing the plate of ribs and, much to the vehemence of my wife, using my finger to mop up the sauce left on the plate.

For our mains, my wife ordered the Seafood Platter (350,000 Dong) while I went for the Black Angus Steak Sandwich (250,000 Dong).

Seafood platter

Seafood platter

The Seafood platter had breaded scallops, calamari, shrimp and fish. A couple of oysters, some chips and an aioli dipping sauce rounded out the fry fest. The shrimp were some of the largest I had seen in Vietnam and I estimate that they were in the 16/20 count size. I had a bite of my wife’s calamari and that was fried to perfection. She also didn’t want her oysters so I got to eat them. Score!

Fried seafood goodness

Fried seafood goodness

The portion was huge and could have been shared by two people. Needless to say, my wife wasn’t able to finish her meal. This was also the case for my steak sandwich.

Black Angus steak sandwich

Black Angus steak sandwich

Romaine lettuce, onion, tomato and cheddar cheese came on a crusty baguette with some chips on the side. The steak was served rare and  was seasoned with salt and pepper which let the quality of the meat shine.

Mmmmm... rare

Mmmmm… rare

All the elements worked but I really dug the onions which gave a bit of bite to the sandwich. The fries were nice but could have been fried  a bit more. It didn’t matter as with my wife, the portion was so big that I could only finish three quarters of the sandwich and pretty much left the fries untouched.

We had a great time at the resort and the service was top notch. I would definitely recommend the place for a bit of upscale relaxation.

After eating this gut busting meal, we headed off to the Hai Van Pass which was the highlight of our trip to Danang! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sample Danang’s best local cuisine but there’s always next time!

Furama Resort
Truong Sa Street, Khue My Ward
Ngu Hanh Son District
Da Nang, Vietnam

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