NomNom Abroad: Honest Burger in Brixton Village

The menu at Honest Burger

The menu at Honest Burger

Every couple of years, my wife and I head over to the UK to visit friends and family. This time it’s for a special occasion. Before we go, I always do some research of the culinary scene of London to see what’s good to eat. After spending a bit of time online, it seems that all indications point to American style dude food as the cuisine of choice. Burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and chicken wings seem to run rampant across menus of hipster restaurants. One restaurant that seemed to stand above the rest was Honest Burger in Brixton Village.

Ketchup at the ready

Ketchup at the ready

We arrived to a packed house at 2 on a Thursday afternoon. It took a few minutes before a table cleared and had a chance to take in a look at the restaurant. The crowd was a mix of hipsters, sorority girls and locals and the furnishings looked minimal and utilitarian in feel. About 10 minutes later, we were seated and were given a drink menu which had some reasonably priced beers. My wife ordered a G & T and I ordered a gluten free Estrella Damn Daura.

Beer and condiments

Beer and condiments

The food menu is simple: Three kinds of beef burgers, a chicken and veggie burger, along with three sides. I enjoy minimalist menus like this. When it’s done correctly.

And Honest Burger does it well.

The Honest Burger

The Honest Burger

I ordered the Honest ( £9) and my wife had the Cheese (£8). The beef is 35 day dry-aged British chuck steak and it has a beefy funk that is cooked on a griddle to a medium temperature. The Cheese has onion relish, lettuce and cheddar. My Honest had all of the above along with some crunchy smoked bacon and homemade pickles.

The Honest Burger

Look at that lovely red color

The beef patty had a fantastic crust from the extremely hot griddle and the all the elements came together for a well-balanced burger that is one of the best I have eaten all year.

You can’t discount the fries at Honest Burger. Tossed in a rosemary salt, they were extremely moreish and upon finishing them, I contemplated ordering another. This wasn’t meant to be as I was reminded by my wife to save my appetite for a cream tea that had my name on it.

Honest Burger
Unit 12 Brixton Village
+44 20 7733 7963


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