Papas’ Chicken & Beer

Went through the  Irvine-esque District 7 the other day to get some fried chicken goodness. Due to the large Korean population, the  Irvine-esque District 7 around Nguyen Duc Canh just south of Nguyen Van Linh has a serious amount of fried chicken restaurants. There’s KFC, Jollibee, Lotteria, Popeyes, and Texas Fried Chicken, all within a two block radius. That’s not even including the small mom and pop places that are scattered around the area.

However, I don’t go to any of these places. If I want some fried chicken, I head to the korean places to get my fix.

korean fried chicken at papas & beer

korean fried chicken at papas & beer

One place that I particularly enjoy is Papas Chicken & Beer. The restaurant itself could use a lick of paint and there isn’t much in the way of personality. However, who needs personality when you have some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) to scarf down. Order the full order (200,000VND) of the regular KFC. Just remember to bring a friend or three. The portion is huge!

Some KFC and beer

Some KFC and beer

The thin crackly skin mixed with the sweet spicy sauce mixed with gochujang chili paste is a combo that can’t go wrong. Couple that with tender pieces of white meat, you have a meal that is worth driving to the sticks to get. You also get all you can eat sides of coleslaw and pickled radishes with the chicken.


There are other different chicken dishes and they look pretty good. However, it’s the original KFC that I always order. Oh yeah, don’t forget to get some beer on top of the KFC goodness

Papas Chicken & Beer
S37-1 KP Hung Vuong
Phu My Hung, District 7
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

map for Papas Chicken & Beer

map for Papas Chicken & Beer


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