A skyhigh cheeseburger in Ho Chi Minh City

The cheese burger at Cirrus at 52 floors

51 floors up

I have a less than healthy fascination for cheeseburgers. Whether it’s eating a 9 inch tall cheeseburger or rating the fast food burgers in Phnom Penh, if someone mentions the word burger, my ears perk up.

Which brings me to Cirrus. Having dinner at the excellent Cuc Gach Quan, the dinner party got to talking about burgers in Ho Chi Minh. A number were mentioned but several of the group mentioned that the Cirrus burger the best burger in town.

Well, that was enough for me.

Luckily, Bryse, my old blogging partner at Nyam Penh was in town the next week so we organized a lunch trip to Cirrus to see if the burger is worth it and grabbed a friend in town from the U.K. for good measure.

Cirrus is a definite looker of a restaurant and the view is worth the price of admission which brings me to the price of the burger. It isn’t cheap at VND390,000 (~ USD 18) and falls under fancypants burger territory. All three of us ordered the burger though the menu has some notable items that I would love to try.  We enjoyed the view and snacked on some bread while we waited for our burgers to arrive. It seemed like forever when it was in fact only 10 minutes.

An overhead shot of the cheeseburger at Cirrus

No fries!!!

When they started arriving, one glaring notable omission was the lack of fries. It bothered me for a bit as the burger just came by itself and I assumed the fries would come on a separate plate. When the waitress said “Enjoy your meal” and walked away, I felt a bit cheated. Maybe it’s the frugal Vietnamese side of me but I kinda felt the same way when I went to Ngon in Thao Dien. Then I cut into my burger.

The Cirrus burger cut in half

Well, that’s what 300 grams of house ground hand formed beef looks like. And it tasted as good as it looks. It’s served on a pretzel bun with house-made pancetta, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Bread & butter pickles and dijon mustard were served in ramekins on the side.

After my first bite, I thought to myself that this is a well thought out burger. The pretzel bun was the best I have had in a while and easily the best I have had in Vietnam. Spongy yet chewy at the same time, it held it’s shape throughout the meal. The beef was beefy, well-seasoned with salt & pepper and had a great crust on it. The pancetta was crispy and had a burst of salt that really pushed the intensity of the flavours to 11. My only niggly bit about the burger would have to be the onions. I kinda wished they were cut a bit smaller but I am just being really picky. The pickles were a nice touch but I didn’t really get to them until I had scarfed down half of the burger without realizing it!

Bryse bites into his burger

Mmmmm…. burger

At the end of the meal, the group was in agreement that the fries were completely unnecessary. We also agreed that it was the best burger we’ve had in a long time and from my standpoint, I haven’t had a burger that good in Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh. But that quality comes with a sky high price. But what do you expect when you had a hockey puck for a patty and you are dining on the 51st floor….

2 Hai Trieu, 51st Floor, Bitexco Tower
+84 08 6291 8751


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