Scott and Binh’s: A gem in District 7

Tucked away on a side street off Nguyen Van Linh in Saigon’s District 7 is a gem of a restaurant called Scott & Binh’s. Run by an American expat and his Vietnamese wife, they serve comfort food with a twist (their words).


My wife and I don’t make it to this district too often but when we do, we make a point of heading here. Hence our recent trip to check out Enders Game at the Crescent Mall. I called up the restaurant and booked a table. Though we hadn’t been in a few months, Scott recognized me right away and asked how my wife was. Seriously impressed with his memory.


When we arrived, we caught up with Scott and conversation revolved around parenting, mainly the advantages of the double breast pump and the like.

But we weren’t there for the parenting conversation, we were there to eat! The menu at Scott & Binh’s is a fusion of Americana and Asian. Prices are reasonable with mains starting at 120,000VND to 200,000VND. I have been running through their burger menu which is a steal in terms of value and quality. All burgers have two 125gram patties and run from 130,000VND to 180,000VND. This time around,my wife and I decided to go for a McDonald’s themed dinner and the Fillet Of Fish sandwich and the Big Maccas. Both are items that we religiously order whenever we go to a country that has a McDonalds. Yes, it’s a bit sad but absence does make the heart and stomach grow fonder!

10 minutes after we ordered, our food arrived on huge plates. The Fillet of Fish sandwich is almost identical to it’s fast food counterpart but adds some lettuce and tomato. My Big Maccas dropped the bun in the middle which is fine with me. Both come with an option of fluffy potato wedges or a green salad.

The burgers have never disappointed here and the Big Maccas doesn’t either. The patties were cooked to perfection (medium) and I was glad for the exclusion of the iconic middle bun. The sauce was a bit tangier than the original and while the lettuce was shredded a bit coarser than what McD’s serves, it was still a faithful if more beefified version of the Big Mac. My wife liked her Fillet of Fish sandwich but said she didn’t know if she liked it more or less than the original. This is the one of the pitfalls of trying to upgrade such an iconic sandwich. I had a bite and thought it was great but I can see what she is saying. I guess some habits die hard.

The rundown: A great spot for great food and great conversation.

Scott & Binh’s
15-17 Cao Trieu Phat
District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
094 890 1465


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