The Big Star at Lotteria

The Big Star burger in it's wrapper

The Big Star burger in it’s wrapper

I have eaten at Lotteria once before and I still remember the buglogi burger as one of the worst meals I have ever had.That being said, I don’t ever discount new offerings so when I spied a curiously familiar looking burger while driving by a Lotteria the other day, I knew I had to try it.

Advertising the Big Star burger at Lotteria

Advertising the Big Star burger at Lotteria

Looks similar to a very familiar burger that will be entering Vietnam sometime next year. But how does it compare?

You can pick up the Big Star combo with fries and a coke for VND82,000 (~ 4USD) but I opted for the burger on it’s own for VND42,000 (~ 2USD). Not a bad price for a burger if you ask me.

The Big Star burger from the side

The Big Star burger

To quote the jingle, a Big Mac has two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun.

As you can see from the photo above, it looks very similar to the Big Mac. The Big Star omits the pickles, doesn’t shred the lettuce, there’s no dehydrated onions on it and puts a dollop of mayo on the top layer.

Some sad onions on the burger

Some sad onions on the burger

Taking my first bite, the first thought that came to mind was the awful patty. It had the consistency of a ground sausage and didn’t taste much like beef. I was expecting the special sauce aka thousand island dressing to be really sweet but it actually had a nice tang to it. I thought the middle bun would be huge when looking at the burger from the side, but I guess it was an optical illusion because I hardly even noticed it. I also didn’t care for the added mayo as it pushed the gutbomb level of this burger to 11.

As a whole, I found it to be a decent burger but I don’t think McDonalds will be losing any sleep over this copycat any time soon.

Mid meal shot

Mid meal shot

Now let’s just see if Burger King Vietnam will put the Big King on it’s menu in Vietnam.


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